About Capsule Reviews

Capsule Reviews are brief (about 400 words) reviews of current board games. All of them are written by me, Richard A. Edwards.

I started hobby gaming about 1975 while in college at Washington State University. By 1980 I was writing reviews for The Space Gamer magazine and play testing games for SPI. I have been play testing games and writing about them for over 30 years.

During my time at The Space Gamer magazine, I specialized in writing “Capsule Reviews”, brief, 400 word or so, five structured paragraph reviews. Print space was limited and I had to learn to write concisely and precisely while covering the main issues of physical description, game play, pros, cons and summary all in about 400 words! Try it. Not easy.

When I started writing game reviews on Board Game Geek (https://boardgamegeek.com/) I realized a lot of people were writing reviews. But most of them were lengthy, poorly written, wandering tirades. I thought that perhaps my niche in the reviewers world might be shorter, well written, balanced reviews.

So that’s what I’m striving for here!

These reviews are also published on my Blog at Board Game Geek (https://boardgamegeek.com/blog/3763/capsule-reviews) and added to each game on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/).

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