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Blueprints. Z-Man, 2013. $30. Designed by Yves Tourigny. Dice drafting game with 32 dice, 24 Blueprint cards, 9 Award cards, 12 Prize cards, 4 player screens, 1 cloth bag, scoreboard and markers. 2-4 players. 30-45 minutes. Ages 14+.

In Blueprints, players are given a Blueprint card and then take turns drafting dice to use in building the design on their Blueprint card. After 6 turns the round is over and the dice are scored. The goal is to gain Award cards by making the most points based on how the various colored dice are used and completing your plan as well as gaining Prize cards based on completing specific goals (such as using 5 dice of the same color). Both types of cards are worth victory points which is tallied at the end of 3 rounds to determine the victor.

With only 3 rounds and only 6 dice drafted each round, the game is quick yet engaging. Each player’s turn consists of selecting one die from those available, adding it to their building (the plan for which is hidden behind their screen) and then drawing and rolling a new random die. Every turn players are faced with deciding how to increase their building’s point value by choosing the best die by color or number that can be added while also keeping an eye on the possible Prize cards by achieving specific unrelated goals.

The game consists of random dice rolling and those players who don’t enjoy games in which luck plays a large part may not appreciate this game. And while each Blueprint card is unique, they are not very engaging or different. Few strategic plans will last much more than a turn since players must react to the available dice which can be frustrating. There is little player interaction beyond drafting a die your opponent may want.

If you enjoy games where you must constantly reevaluate and develop your position based on choosing the best path in a fast changing, random environment, then you may well like this game. It is quick, portable, and with the right group who enjoy games with lots of chance, a lot of fun.

This review was written based on a privately purchased copy. No previous relationship with the game publisher nor compensation was involved.

c2014 by Richard A. Edwards

The Builders: Middle Ages.

The Builders: Middle Ages. Asmodee, 2013. $18. Game designer : Frédéric Henry ; Artwork : Sabrina Miramon. Card game with 42 Worker cards, 42 Building cards, 40 plastic coins. 2-4 players, 30 minutes, ages 10+.

Players start with an Apprentice and use 3 actions per turn to recruit workers, select buildings to build, gain coins, and pay workers to go to the job site and construct their buildings. Each building constructed can bring more coins and victory points. Special buildings called “machines” give no coins but once constructed they bring resources for free to a construction. The first player to 17 victory points triggers the last round and end of game. Player with the most victory points wins.

The artwork is wonderful and evocative, with building cards having construction and finished sides. Worker cards bring different amounts of resources (stone, wood, knowledge, tile) to the site but you have to pay them in coins, varying amounts based on how many resources they bring. Master workers bring many resources but cost more than a lowly apprentice. It is critical to make the right choices about which buildings to try and build, which workers to recruit for your current needs and future buildings, and which order to build in so that you keep an flow of coins to pay your workers.

First player and turn order can be problematic because with the card layout of 5 buildings and 5 workers and players having 3 actions the “best” buildings, especially the “machines” which can be assigned to building sites to provide cheap resources, being taken quickly leaving the dregs for the later players. The randomness of being a card game means sometimes just the right building or worker or machine can become available at just the right (or wrong) moment to sway the game. There is a lot of luck involved in which cards are available on your turn.

The Builders: Middle Ages is a fairly simple, quick playing card game that can be a resource management challenge worthy of a “bigger” game. The small size, it comes in a tin 1.5 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches. At less than 10 ounces, it makes a highly portable travel game. Highly recommended for a fast game that’s both a challenge and a lot of fun.

This review was written based on a privately purchased copy. No previous relationship with the game publisher nor compensation was involved.

c2014 by Richard A. Edwards